Finding Butterflies

What is finding butterflies and why would I want to join? Butterflies only live a few weeks at most as they have no mouth & cannot eat.

Finding Butterflies responded on 06/03/2018

Hello and thanks so much for your question. Finding Butterflies is a progressive rock music duo which utilizes guitars, flute, Irish whistle, mandolin, and choir like vocals. Our music can be heard on our website: or Spotify, AppleRadio, Jango, as well as other streaming sites. Those on our mailing list receive a monthly newsletter containing information about our music, and by joining, you will receive a free download of fan favorite, Little Bird. We have also attached a music trailer for another one of our songs, As Long as Forever. Perhaps you will give it a look. And yes, butterflies do have a short life span with a somewhat violent birth as well, but their transformation into the "graceful and beautiful" inspires us. We would very much like to also think that human butterflies exist, and therein you find the metaphor for our name. Thanks so much for reaching out. We would love for you to join our community of listeners.

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