Finding Butterflies

How long have you been playing and what kind of music do you play and enjoy listening to? ??????

Finding Butterflies responded on 06/19/2018

Hi Lori. It's great to hear from you, and thanks so much for your great question. Collectively, we have had decades of experience writing and playing music. Our music can best be described as progressive rock infused with classical and Celtic folk music influences. The music is heavily dependent on layered vocals and the flute and whistles also add to the eclectic nature of the music. When listening to music ourselves, we gravitate to our wide range of influences: classical music, Steve Morse, Dreamtheater, Yes, Heart, Led Zeppelin, Angelina Assad and many others. We have always felt that only listening to one style of music was limiting and a form of musical confirmation bias. You can read more about our history and influences at our website: Again, thanks so much for reaching out; we'd love to hear about the music you like to listen to and why that that music is important to you. Until next time, peace be upon you. Best, Lisa

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