Finding Butterflies

Can I only give my email address for subscription?

Finding Butterflies responded on 07/08/2018

Hi Kathleen, and thanks for this great question! The answer is yes, only an email is required. If you have already subscribed and were prompted to enter additional information, you do NOT have to comply. THIS IS OPTIONAL. If you have not subscribed, there are two ways to do this. You can visit and subscribe by entering only your email and perhaps your first name. You can leave your zip code blank. Click submit and you are done. Alternatively, you can email YOUR email to, and I will be happy to take care of the subscription for you. Once you receive your confirmation email, you may find yourself directed to a link where you are prompted to add additional info. Again, THIS IS OPTIONAL. We thank you so much for your question, as Privacy online is a bigger issue than ever, and sometimes seems difficult to protect. Neither Finding Butterflies or our platform, Fanbridge, will EVER share your email or information

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