Finding Butterflies

what inspires you to write your music?

Finding Butterflies responded on 07/09/2018

Hi Kathleen. Great to hear from you again. We welcome your questions and send our thanks for the time you have taken to reach out to us. Musically, our inspiration is an eclectic mix of influences which range from the classical music, Celtic music, and rock music. Lyrically, it's the human condition that we look to most often for inspiration. With that being said, the spark for a song may come from something we've read or heard, from someone we have known, or may even come from an autobiographical perspective. We have a page on our website which briefly elaborates on each of our released songs. The link for that page is: Aside from self-expression, I think one of the greatest inspirations we have is our Fans. When our music speaks to others, we are inspired to write more, and to explore both musically and lyrically. Thanks so much for another great question Kathleen. Our best to you and yours.

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