Finding Butterflies

what made you come up with the name

Finding Butterflies responded on 07/09/2018

Hi Kathleen, and thanks for this great question. In our view, music has always been about someone's "becoming." Whether it be the composer, the performers, the audience, or the subject matter, music seems to always prompt or express change. All of our lyrics most certainly speak to a person or a situation that is evolving or becoming. With that in mind, we chose the metaphor of a butterfly. As songwriters, we are always looking to "discover or uncover" the intricacies of the human condition or the greater society at hand, and thus the word "finding" also became a part of our name. You can find more information about us at this link on our website: Thanks so much for reaching out. We so value our fans and love learning about them. Send us an email sometime and tell us about yourself. All good things,

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